Our products are dedicated to improving the quality of life for a growing and ageing world by providing a small range of products that give you a surprisingly wide range of benefits, without cutting on quality.

One of the key qualities you can expect in our products is that we formulate our products with the end goal in mind of giving you some of the cleanest, most ethical products on the market. We are very strict with each ingredient we choose and we don’t create any products that we won’t use ourselves on a long term basis.

Why Seaverah?

Naturally clean formulations that utilize ingredients and technologies to provide holistic health benefits

Highly effective & “bio active” natural products specifically developed to enhance wellness without harming the body’s natural systems

Products that are manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) licensed facilities with world class premium raw materials. Raw materials are tested and confirmed to ensure quality, purity and consistency.


"Seaverah Cell Nu is amazing. I have been taking 8 tablets every morning for a while now it makes me feel so good during the day. When I am feeling sick, I double up by taking morning and evening and pretty soon feel better again! Love it!"
"Shaping & Scupting Serum is amazing. I use it on my sun burns and when I'm retaining water in my face or body. Highly recommended!"
"This product is highly recommended. I'm a teacher and would definitely recommend this product to parents who have children that struggle to concentrate at school."
"Sculpt & Tone definitely helped with the winter weight. It gave me that bit extra to get me back into shape!"
"I have acute Fibromylagia and cannot go a day without taking Cell Nu - this product has worked wonders for me in keeping my pain at bay."
"I have been using Glycan Plus specifically for my hair and nails and it's already starting to show an improvement. Not only that, but I have also noticed an overall marked change in my overall wellbeing."


Results may vary from person to person. Our products are not drugs & contain no scheduled ingredients. They are made harnessing the healing benefits of nature to aid the body in its fight against disease.

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High Potency Liposomal Vitamin CYour Winter Must Have

Did u know??

Only 20% of standard vitamin supplements make it your cells, the rest pass as waste.
Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C is the best way to get your boost – with an estimated 98% efficiency,  traditional vitamin C supplements just don’t compare.

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