GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa: What It Can Do for You

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Latest studies and research are focused on glyconutrients and how they enhance cellular communication on cellular level in our body.

Due to today’s fast modern society and microwave solution to food and nutrition, we tend to take many shortcuts. Fresh fruits and vegetables that you buy from the local shops are produced for mass production and shelf life attainability. Vine ripened foods are almost impossible to obtain, so, the most important process in glyconutrient formation gets lost, as these products are picked before they are ripened. Thus meaning that many or most of the essential nutrients and minerals are lost, which are essential, as they help the body to restore and communicate on cellular level. Cellular communication is most important when it comes to nutrition .

The only food to feed your cells is GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa. With GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa the path ways of absorption opens up wide so that bigger amounts of protein or supplement can be absorb within 20 minutes after taking GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa .If there is no communication between your cells, no amount of vitamins, expensive protein powders, creatine and supplements specific to the fitness and body building industries will be effective or utilised in the body, like it is supposed to. That is why it is essential to take a good glyconutrient, glycoprotein and glycolipid based natural food state product like GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa on a daily basis.

GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa is very rich in glyconutrients, glycoprotein, glycolipids and minerals, you only need 7gr of GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa per day, if you weigh up to 80kgs. If you weigh 100kgs and over, or your training schedule increases off season and pre season, you can up your doses to 14grs per day. Prosopis Glandulosa  will bring your recovery of muscle fatigue down, from 72 hours to between 4 & 6 hours. How this works is, the body is now able to produce more healthier cells faster through cellular communication, so that the lactic acid build up (stiffness) caused by intense training, can be recognised much quicker and the body repairs the infected area much faster.

Research has shown that GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa increases lean muscle mass and also decreases body fat. Life Stem also enhances energy levels and is the best natural diuretic, you will find on the market. It gets rid of excess water under the skin and between spaces that causes pressure on the organs but retains the water in the muscle and cells, thus giving the muscle a fuller look, which body builders will love.

How does GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa do this?

As the body starts utilising GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa it begins to produce healthy stem cells that takes the strain off the organs and the body can now function optimally. It stabilises blood sugar levels thus the pancreas is now able to secrete the right amount of insulin so that muscle growth can take place. GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa also assists in repairing the liver and kidneys on cellular level, this is essential as these organs work hard at getting rid of toxins caused by chemicals and the processing of high amounts of protein. GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa also assists the heart muscle as research has shown that the heart muscle was 40% stronger after just 12 weeks on GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa.

Newly launched into the market. GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa, a new advance cellular food state Nutritional supplement. A definite must for every athlete in the muscle and fitness industry.

So, if you’re serious about your gains
to achieve top of your game and
to stay healthy in the whole process,
GlycaPro Prosopis Glandulosa is the product for you……


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